Optical Repair – Home Remedy


Do you aim to obtain and keep clear vision for as long as possible?  Everyone does.

Good eye health is important as it could help make sure that you could enjoy life better!

Your eyes are the window to your soul.  Through your eyesight, you could see and appreciate many things.  Thus, you should always prioritize ideal eye care.

Optical Repair Care

Severe eye problems should immediately be referred to an eye specialist.  If the eye condition is common and not that serious, you may try some of the popular home remedies for eye care.

You might be surprised that treatment and care of your eyesight does not always need to be costly.  There are techniques you could perform on your own that may promote better eye health, like visual acuity enhancement games.

Typical causes of Eye Problems

Your clear vision could be altered and affected by the onset of several factors.  Common causes of eye problems have been identified by eye specialists.

Excessive straining of the eyes and direct exposure to the sunlight are common culprits of blurred vision.  Clear vision is also affected by bad lighting conditions when reading and prolonged use of computer or other visual gadgets.

Believe it or not, many eye problems could be related to an unhealthy diet.  Your body may lack necessary vitamins and minerals, which are essential for keeping healthy eyesight.  Lack of calcium and vitamin A or retinol could cause several eye problems.

Some Home Remedies

Now that you understand eye problems more, you could consider trying out several home remedies that may help maintain clear vision and improve eye conditions.  These do not require costly medications.

In fact, there are items found in your kitchen or bought at organic medicine stores that could be used as a home remedy for eye conditions:

  • Care Tip #1: Eye Drops; combine lime juice and rose water to create a solution that could be used as eye drops.  This mixture could help regain strength of eyes.
  • Care Tip #2: Massage; your palms and soles with warm mustard oil.  Doing so is known in reflexology as effective in triggering several nerves connected to the brain that may in turn help relieve eye congestion and ailments.
  • Care Tip #3: Wash Eyes; regularly using cold, clean water to help bring relief if they are strained.  Doing so could also help cleanse your eyes.
  • Care Tip #4: Healthy Diet; consume foods that bring about ideal nutrients that could promote good eye health.  Among the recommended items to be included in your diet are spinach, carrots, peas, pumpkin, tomatoes, and mangoes.  Daily consumption of walnuts is also advisable.
  • Care Tip #5: Eye Lubricant; mix a tablespoonful of triphala powder with 8 ounces of water and set aside overnight. Use the solution to wash your eyes in the morning. It could be the best herbal eye tonic for just about anyone.
  • Care Tip #6: Cold Compress; put some guava or acacia leaves in warm water. Damp a piece of cloth in the solution and use it as a compress to help reduce swelling and redness in your eyes.

If your eye problems get more severe, it would be advisable to immediately seek medical attention to prevent them from getting worse.

Ignoring The Dangers

If you fail to have necessary eye treatment in time, you may be in danger of losing not just your clear vision but your entire eyesight.

These home remedies could be effective and less costly, but they should still be considered as alternative and simple treatment options for simple eye problems.  If the eye condition gets worse, it is still better to see an eye specialist.

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