Presbyopia – Little Known Dangers


What is presbyopia and why should it be taken seriously?  Presbyopia is a common eye condition that makes it impossible for you to focus on objects that are in close proximity.

It is not like other more common eye problems, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, which are caused by either genetic or environmental factors.  Presbyopia is caused by the natural process that your eyes go through as you get older.


Individuals don’t experience immediate change from clear vision to blurred vision.  Most people will start to experience symptoms around the age of 40; however, please note that not everyone will suffer from presbyopia.

Little Known Dangers

How can you tell that you have presbyopia?  You will have difficulty reading or focusing on print that is closer than an arm’s length.

Anything closer is blurry and causes eyestrain pain and unbearable headaches.  Basically, it is difficult to read anything that is right in front of your face.

It is easier to read print that is further off in the distance.

See The Signs

What causes presbyopia? The eye lens becomes harder, which makes it lose its flexibility. This makes it hard for you to see detailed items that are close to your face. Your eyes will become tired and your vision becomes blurry when doing simple reading tasks.

  • Risk Factor # 1: No cure for presbyopia; unfortunately it cannot be reversed, but it can be treated.  The chosen treatment will depend on the severity of vision loss.  Surprisingly, for a mild case of presbyopia, it can be corrected by wearing drugstore over-the-counter glasses.  For more severe cases, it requires getting prescription glasses or contact lenses. Many other people opt for surgical procedures.
  • Risk Factor # 2: Never ignore vision changes; in error, many people recognize that they no longer have clear vision, but they choose to ignore these changes.  They see it as a sign that they are getting old.  Do not make this serious mistake.  You will discover that it does not take much to correct this particular eye condition.  However, ignoring it can cause even more serious eye problems.  Keep in mind that presbyopia is just like any other medical condition that needs to be treated.
  • Risk Factor # 3: Take action now; although presbyopia is a common eye condition that hinders clear vision, it will get worse if nothing is done to correct it.  You run the risk of not being able to read detailed or fine print at all.  Think about all of the wonderful things that you would have to give up, if you cannot read fine print.  This would greatly change everyday life, if this condition gets worse.  For example, it would be impossible to read medicine bottles or food labels.  You would have to give up simple activities such as driving.  Anything in life that requires the ability to read fine print would have to be eliminated.  Do not let this happen.

Focus On Eye Health

Overall, presbyopia might be viewed as a milder eye condition, but it should not be overlooked.  It is a gradual eye problem that will get worse if it is not taken care of.

Not only will frequent eye exams help to control this condition, but changing the strength of your glasses or contacts will help to slow down the process even more.

If you have symptoms of presbyopia, please see a medical professional soon!

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